AntiToolbar: The Solution
Remove unwanted toolbars in 3 easy steps:
The first thing you need to do to get AntiToolbar to run is to download the software

After the download and installation is complete, the software is ready to run from your computer.
Antitoobar scans your PC and presents you with a list of the toolbars and extensions on all your Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

The scan takes only a few seconds! Then you can review the list and see which toolbars you want to keep or which ones you no longer use.
Did you change your mind? If you want to reverse the decisions you made, toggle the switch of the toolbars you want to enable and AntiToolbar will restore your browsers to their previous state.

When you are satisfied with your selections, your browsers will be clean of toolbars and you will enjoy a faster and smoother working Internet.
Toolbars get installed on your browsers by choice or automatically bundled with software or games that you have may have installed inadvertently on your computer. Some may be toolbars you have tried to remove by yourself unsuccessfully. Other may simply be toolbars that you no longer use or are out of date. Select Save to activate you choices.
Change Home Page
AntiToolbar lets you select the homepage that you want and replace default settings on tabs.
Change Search Page
There are several leading search engines worldwide. If you aren't satisfied with the search results you are getting and want to switch to another search provider, you can change your feed using AntiToolbar or revert to your previous search page.
Added Value
AntiToolbar will not remove add-ons from your browsers without permission.
Automatic removal
It's frequently difficult to remove certain toolbars by yourself. AntiToolbar helps you get rid of difficult to remove add-ons and defaults from your browser.
Malware protection
Some of the toolbars on your browsers may be malware. When you let Antitoolbar find and remove them, you are helping protect your PC against spyware and viruses. Not a virus? Antitoolbar gives you full control of which programs you want to keep.
Improve Browser Performance
After you remove your toolbars, you will have a better internet experience with a larger display area and faster browsing.